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becoming a reader- reading books habit

A little story:

A poet’s house was robbed! Six weeks worth of jewelry, three lakhs in cash, and five reading books gone!! What happened to the books? The police registered a case of theft of jewelry and cash. The police investigation is going on. Months are passing, but there is no trace… The poet thought that Sumathi would leave.

A little story about reading books how changed life

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After five months, a parcel arrived at home. Who sent the jewelry and cash into it safely? The poet’s wife’s children enjoyed it by painting their eyes. Books The money is gone; the money is found, that’s all. The wife and children said, Those books are my five lives. The poet said, “Podduru Badai”: “I have written five books after ten years of hard work; they are my five lives.

how reading books changed
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The person who sent them sent the books; don’t be sad if they don’t send cash and jewelry. I used to go. If I work hard, I can earn money. I can’t write those books again. They are Saraswati Devi’s mother, and he started complaining. “If your books are Goddess Saraswati and my jewelry and cash are Goddess Lakshmi, that thief is a madman,” Anand said.

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Meanwhile, a cover was found in those parcels. She tore it and started reading the note in it with interest. Salutations to the poet. Birua broke the locks and looked… When he saw books next to jewelry and cash, he thought they were expensive and stole them. Why did they hide them in Birua?

becoming a reader- reading books habit
becoming a reader- reading books habit

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It is a treasure of knowledge. Even though I realized that I was wrong, my wife spent a fortune on this. I will earn money and do it in a few months. I will send books along with the money. But I will take Xerox copies of them and keep them with my children. I will read it with my peers. If I had not stolen the books, I would not have returned the jewelry and money.

how to choose and enjoy books

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Now, in my eyes, books are more valuable than jewelry. Even though I will stop stealing from today. I will try to send you the money I spent to get the books. I am a thief who has stopped stealing. Now the happiness on the poet’s face, the thoughts on his wife’s face—is goddess Lakshmi great? Is Goddess Saraswati great?

What a beautiful story. Kudos to the author. So I request that reading books as a treasure for students. A book search as a weapon can help children.

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