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Counter Bill Machine Under Rs.3000

ByDR. T.

May 6, 2024
Counter Bill Machine Under Rs.3000

In the modern company world, digitizing invoicing, payment collection, and tax filing is essential for success. In my neighborhood, there are two stores selling fruits and vegetables. A digital payment solution and smart billing machine are available at one store. Although the size of another store is comparable, it continues to use the outdated billing system and only accepts cash payments. The fact that the store using digital solutions outperforms the store using traditional billing and payment collection in terms of sales should come as no surprise.

1.Everycom EC-58 58mm (2 Inches) Direct Thermal Printer- Monochrome Desktop (1 Year Warranty) (USB + Bluetooth)

Style Name: 

USB + Bluetooth

  • USB₹1,789.00
  • USB + Bluetooth₹2,229.00
  • 58Mm (USB + Bluetooth) Receipt Printer | 1 Year Warranty all over India.
  • 90MM/Sec High Speed Printing, Supports 1D, 2D Barcode Printing.
  • USB Interface + Bluetooth, Cash Drawer Integration.
  • compatible device- windows, linux, android, iOS, (NOT COMPATIBLE WITH MACBOOKS and APPLE DESKTOPS)
  • Note: This Printer Supports with Kiosk Banking up to Window 10, (SDK Needs to be integrated, not Android ready and iOS).
Counter Bill Machine Under Rs.3000

By DR. T.

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