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fastag kyc details update
fastag kyc update details

How can FASTag KYC details be updated before the deadline of January 31st?

Even if a FASTag has a valid balance, the state-owned National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) said that it will deactivate or blacklist FASTags with deficient Know Your Customer (KYC) after January 31. The action is being taken, according to the NHAI, to significantly expedite and authenticate the recently enhanced toll collection system throughout India.

How can FASTag KYC details

NHAI has taken the ‘One Vehicle, One FASTag’ initiative, which aims to discourage the use of a single FASTag for multiple vehicles or linking multiple FASTags to a particular vehicle,” an official statement said. The initiative is intended to improve the efficiency of the electronic toll collection system and provide seamless movement at toll plazas.

How can you access your online FASTag KYC status?

Go to the fastag.ihmcl.com website.

After selecting “Login,” enter your cellphone number and password.

A text message containing an OTP will be produced and sent. Log in and add the OTP.

Choose the KYC status option after clicking the “My Profile” page.

How can you update your online FASTag KYC?

How can you update your online FASTag KYC?

add a photo the size of a passport

After selecting “confirm the declaration,” click “submit.”

It will take up to seven business days for the KYC procedure to be updated.

In addition, customers of FASTag have the option to contact the closest toll plazas or toll-free customer care numbers of the issuer banks in question if they have any questions about the KYC updates.

Which records are required in order to update the FASTag KYC?

Which records are required in order to update the FASTag KYC?

The vehicle’s registration certificate, identity and address evidence (passport, voter’s ID, Aadhar card, driver’s license, PAN card, or NREGA job card), and a passport-size photo are required for the FASTag KYC update, per RBI standards.

With this KYC details update to enhance the toll collection system and provide movement at toll plazas, the NHAI official statement has given and enforced the system one vehicle, one FASTag initiative that controls the single FASTag to multiple vehicles linking illegally to a particular vehicle.

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